Ways to Enjoy Your Holiday Pies

A Brookfields pie is like no other. From its filling to crust all made from scratch, it is a holiday dessert you will come back for, year after year. Whether paired with ice cream, whipped cream, or a different Brookfields pie, it will not disappoint. While all of those pairings are delicious, the best pairing with our pies is who you share them with.  

Family Enjoyment

What is better than having a delicious Brookfield’s pie? Sharing it with the ones you love. Our pies are perfect to bring to gatherings and family events. Small gathering of just you and a few others, pick up your favorite flavor and enjoy. Gathering with the whole family and needing to serve 30? Pick up a pie in each flavor and let the feast begin!

Our pies will surely be enjoyed by family and friends for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. That is right, our pies are so delicious you will wake up wanting a slice. Just be careful or you may want to eat the whole pie before the celebration even begins!

Neighbor bringing over a Brookfields pie

Sharing is Caring

Looking for ways to serve your community this holiday season? How about bringing over a Brookfields pie! Not only will they enjoy it, but you will, too! 

Think about all those people who can’t be with their families on Thanksgiving because they are out working or aren’t able to catch a flight. First responders, medical staff, military, and many other essential workers fall into this category. Drop off a few pies at your local fire station and see the gratitude and joy that it brings. 

Wanting our military to enjoy a piece of the action? While you may not be able to send our pies overseas, you could drop them by a military family who is missing their loved one over the holidays to let them know you are thankful for their sacrifice. 

Whoever you choose to share our pies with, they will love them, and you will love the joy that comes from giving. 

The Gift of Giving

What is better than our Brookfields’ pies is sharing them with others? Our pre-order system ensures you will get all the pies you want this holiday season without fighting over the last one at the grocery store. Each pie is home made with love and generations of family tradition. Order any one or all of our delicious flavors!

  • Pumpkin
  • Cherry
  • Apple
  • Pecan

Don’t wait, order now and get this to-do off your plate!

Did you know?

Did you know that Brookfields Restaurants use solar power? Learn more about our commitment to wholesome food and a healthy community on the Quality Standards page.