Dining at Brookfields: Customer Stories

At Brookfields, customer stories are more than just anecdotes—they’re the heart and soul of our restaurant. Join us as we celebrate the moments, memories, and connections that make dining at Brookfields truly special.

Cassie and Robert

Cassie and Robert have been dining at Brookfields’ for over 15 years! One of their favorite dishes is our tasty Chicken Tortilla Soup. Reflecting on cherished memories, they recall lively gatherings, such as a Sunday brunch shared with a group of friends, savoring delicious meals and shared laughter. They also mentioned that some of their fondest memories revolve around watching their children work at Brookfields over the years!

Lorenzo and Bernadette

Lorenzo and his wife Bernadette have been loyal customers of Brookfields since 1997, having moved to the area from San Diego. They primarily frequent our Roseville location and consider the food at Brookfields to be the best-kept secret in Northern California, praising our fair prices and incredible service. Lorenzo enjoys the Ultimate Meatloaf Dinner and Flat Iron Steak Dinner, while Bernadette favors the Grilled Salmon Walnut Salad. They both share cherished memories of dining at Brookfields with their family, especially when their children and grandchildren would visit.


Dean and his family have been regulars at Brookfields’ for over a decade, building lasting memories and enjoying meals together. They fondly enjoy Sunday lunches featuring the special Jambalaya Soup or indulging in the tender and juicy Flat Iron Steak Dinner on weekday visits. Known for his playful humor, Dean exchanges friendly banter with the servers and managers, creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere during their dining experiences.

One of Dean’s favorite traditions at Brookfields’ is celebrating birthdays with his loved ones, cherishing the moments when our staff sings them, “Happy Birthday.” Reflecting on his dining experiences, Dean appreciates how dining at Brookfields is made easy; we accommodate large family gatherings, ensuring his family can sit together and enjoy quality mealtime.

Make Memories at Brookfields

From longstanding traditions to cherished moments with family and friends, the customer stories at Brookfields reflect a rich pool of experiences. Each visit is an opportunity to indulge in delicious meals, enjoy warm hospitality, and create lasting memories. As you’ve heard from our loyal customers, Brookfields holds a special place in their hearts, and we invite you to share in the joy and fellowship of our dining experience. Whether you’re a regular or visiting for the first time, we look forward to welcoming you and being a part of your story at Brookfields. Join us and create new memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Did you know?

Did you know that Brookfields Restaurants use solar power? Learn more about our commitment to wholesome food and a healthy community on the Quality Standards page.