Quality Standards

Our Local Restaurants in Sacramento Uphold the Highest Quality Standards!

Wholesome + Homemade

Come in and join us for a wholesome, homemade meal. And when we say homemade, we’re not joking. We use family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, so we can share that tradition of great food with you! We have quite a few of the things we make from scratch in our kitchens.

Just A Few

Fresh scones, muffins, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, apple or berry pie, pancakes, soups, carrot cake, cheesecake. Strawberry jam, country gravy, fresh roasted salsa, pico de gallo, guacamole, caramelized onions, salad dressing, potato salad, cole slaw, Asian slaw, cross rib, corned beef, slow cooked and hand carved turkey, chicken enchiladas, meatloaf, pancakes, chicken pot pie, wasabi aioli, cranberry sauce, chicken fried steak batter. Even the season salt and whipped cream are homemade!

The Finest Premium Aged Beef

Our local restaurants in Sacramento get their meat from a facility here in East Sac.

Reeds Gourmet Meat Co. serves restaurants and quality-minded outlets in greater Sacramento. Brookfields purchased Reeds in 1997, and since then they have provided our diners with naturally aged, freshly-cut, CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF®.

Food You Can Trust

We use the following brands to make our food:


Stanislaus Food products

Umpqua Dairy

Fresh Squeezed OJ

Did you know?

When we say we value great food and great people around here, we’re not kidding! We’ve gotten our eggs from the same local man since 1981. His name is Jerry!